The Body Scrub House (Barbados)

A Division of Schotherapy The Boutique Day Spa

Pink & Blue Sea Salt Body Scrub

Improves and boost digestion; Regulates blood sugar and hormonal imbalances; Helps normalize respiratory secretions; Aids new cell growth and adds volume to your skin radiance whilst helping to retain moisture.

Exotic Caribbean Coffee Body Scrub

Caffeine found in coffee improves blood circulation; It also reduces the appearance of cellulite; Coffee gives the skin a more beautiful even tone; The skin also absorbs the antioxidants properties to prevent premature aging

Exotic Caribbean Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub

Evens out, brightens your skin tone and texture; Removes toxins and debris from pores; Exfoliate dead skin cells buildup; aiding new cell growth; Gives the appearance of a more glowing, smoother skin is achieved.

Brown Sugar Cinnamon & Ginger Body Scrub

Stimulating Salt & Oil Body Scrub

Regulates blood flow; Aids new cell growth: Excellent for exfoliation on feet, elbows, knees & hands; Very therapeutic for joint pain.

Restorative Salt & Oil Body Scrub

 Exfoliates and replenishes the skin; removes debris from environmental stressors and promotes healthy new cel ls: the essential oils leaves your skin evenly toned, moisturized and rejuvenated; protects against dryness.

The Body Scrub House Gallery


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